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Sweet Sanctuary Services (formally known as Bracket and Bin Organizing) is located in Portage, WI. We happily serve South Central Wisconsin, offering a wide array of services including; personal and commercial professional organizing, event planning, and space coaching.

Bright Living Room


Our mission at Sweet Sanctuary Services is to empower individuals to reclaim their spaces and lives by transforming chaos into clarity. Through personalized solutions and heartfelt connections, we guide our clients on a journey to embrace the life-changing effects of organization.


When I envisioned founding my business and sharing my expertise, it was with the desire to create a path for a genuine transformation in your life. Countless studies affirm the impact our surroundings have on our overall well-being. Our vision is simple yet profound: to craft a space that radiates positivity and nurtures your soul, fostering an environment where you can thrive.

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Let's chat

At Sweet Sanctuary Services we are all about creating genuine connections with our clients. Click the 'Contact Us' button, and we'll set up a time to talk about your project.

Can't wait to hear from you!

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